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Activity Clubs

Our Academy gives more to the students life with activity clubs that offer a chance to explore new hobbies , seek creative pursuits or indulge for the sheer pleasure of it. Activity clubs are the best ways to make friends with those who sha re a common wavelength. And if chosen carefully, the experience in activity club can prove more valuable than a college degree, in shaping one's career. We at SNT Global Academy of Management Studies and Technology shape the students career by encouraging and supporting them in all the aspects of the activity clubs.

Students Management Association (SMA)

Students Management Association (SMA) is the collective name for the student members of SNT Global Academy of Management Studies and Technology. An election is held each year in the month of September to elect the office bearers of the Students Management Association. SMA works for gaining knowledge on the current management practices prevailing in the business and industry. SMA is committed to enhance professionalism among its members by organizing useful and relevant programs on topics of high interest to update management information.

Entrepreneur Development Club

The present challenges in the Iíberalízed, privatised and globalised economy are quite complex. With a view to meet these challenges and also to create a new entrepreneurial trend and culture in the minds of our students, we have an ED Club. The basic objective of this club is to inculcate entrepreneurial culture among our students and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch bearers of enterprises for the new generation. lt also educates student members on various dimensions of industry and to induce entrepreneurial spirit in the institution.

Rotaract Club

Rotaract club embarks on social action and awareness initiatives, to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. Our Academy has constituted a voluntary service, Rotaract club wherein student members play an active role in providing support services to the society. The Rotaract Club functions under Rotary Club of Coimbatore Metropolis. The activities in the club include provision of soft skill training to students, Blood donation camps, Tree plantations, Visit to Orphanages, Educating Public Awareness Campaigns etc..

Finance Club

The Finance Club seeks to serve as a starting place for all students interested in the subject of finance. The club provides a hands on and synergistic approach for its members to carry out their interests in finance while cultivating the necessary knowledge, understanding, and passion for the discipline. The club helps to obtain internships and enter the field of finance. If the students are looking to be noticed for their career in the world of Finance, the experience with the Finance Club is the launching point for the confidence that will set them apart.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club is an exciting opportunity for marketing students wishing to gain practical experience above and beyond the classroom experience. The club activities consist of working over the real life case studies in a variety of areas including Marketing Management, International Marketing, Advertising Campaign etc.. The club organizes seminars with acknowledged guest speakers, participation in workshops with marketing managers from the industry, development of marketing plans and sharing experiencesamong the members.

HR Club

The HR Club is dedicated to encourage human excellence. Our strategic areas of interest cover the professional development of our members HR specialists and overall development of the student members as l perfect individuals. It leads to think and share good practices in the linking of people, and in so doing provides a network forum for students and professionals from different institutes, colleges and organizations working in this area. The club continuously strive for academic and professional excellence in the field of Human Resource Management and promote and maintain good HR management ethics, establish contacts with HR Managers in order to share the information and experience.